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The Therapist

Ronald Bruinius

I am passionate about helping people feel balanced and rejuvenated. I am certified in Swedish massage, Neuromuscular therapy, and Myofascial release. In other words, I am a problem solver. I am able to identify areas on your body that have decreased blood flow. You can say that decreased blood flow block critical energy centers in the body. My job is to find decrease blood flow and break down these barriers and increase the blood flow in your body.

I see the human body as a beautiful structure that feels gravity of the earth and the emotional weight your life. My goal is to release the blockages in your body within within my capacity. I am a tool for maintaining the health of that structure we call your body. Whats even more beautiful is that this structure is you and this is where I feel more connected with the world around me.

My goal is to help people which brings meaning to my life. Finding a connection with my clients and helping them with aches and pains is very rewarding and finding a place safe enough to relax is rewarding for my clients..

My phone number is (727) 365-2354 and my goal is to make you feel comfortable and refreshed. Call / text me and we can talk about your needs and what you are looking for.

Thank you,

Ronald Bruinius MA64361